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What to Wear as a Guest at a Wedding this Season

By Andrea Spanik
While this may not be your big day, that doesn’t mean you want to show up in the first dress you set your eyes on. You want to be comfortable, appropriate, and well put together, right?
That’s what we thought. Follow these tips when picking out your next outfit to wear as a guest at a wedding, and you’ll be more than prepared. 
1)    Consider the season 
First things first, one of the easiest ways to narrow down what to wear to a wedding is to consider the season. 
You don’t want to show up to a summer wedding wearing a knit dress, and you probably don’t want to attend a fall wedding wearing a breezy, floral maxi dress. 
Consider color, material, and coverage when thinking about the season. You want heavier fabrics for cooler temperatures and more light ones for the warmer months. You also probably want to incorporate brights and pastels for summer and spring, while jewel tones and more moody shades are appropriate for fall and winter. 
We don’t think we have to tell you about the deal on wearing white to a wedding…
2)    Check the event 
It’s also always key to look at where the wedding is being held in order to determine what to wear. 
Is the reception being held in a big ballroom? Is it going to be a beach wedding? Is the ceremony being held in a church with a more formal reception to follow?
Knowing the answers to these questions can help you determine if a full-length gown might be necessary versus a sundress for a more relaxed wedding. Plus, for some, depending on the church, you may want to consider a separate outfit for both the ceremony and the reception.
3)    Keep it classy 
Regardless of where the ceremony is being held and how formal the reception will be, we always recommend keeping your outfit classy for a wedding. 
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a neckline that flatters your form, or a hemline that shows off your legs, but just remember that this is someone’s wedding day, and dressing too scandalously mighty distract from that. 
4)    Opt for toned-down looks 
On that same note, your sequins and overly flashy dresses might be better suited for a New Years’ party rather than a wedding. 
On occasion, a little sparkle here and there never hurts anyone, but it’s just something to keep in mind when picking out your outfit. 
5)    Look good, feel good
At the end of the day, finding an outfit for a wedding boils down to picking pieces that you feel good about.
Presumably, you’re going to be wearing this outfit for multiple hours, and if you’re dressed in something that doesn’t feel like you or makes you feel uncomfortable, well, it’s probably going to show. 
Seek out designs that speak to you, that aren’t too over-the-top, and that have that “special event” feel, and you’ll be set to attend your next wedding.