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What Halloween Costume You Should Wear Based on Your Horoscope

By Laura Leiva
  • Holiday

Looking for something fun and creative to wear this Halloween? Let your zodiac inspire you! We’ve got 12 unique costume ideas to show off at your next party:

·       Aquarius: Free-spirited and quirky, go with a hippy costume or show up as an extraterrestrial.

·       Pisces: Nothing says Pisces better than a mermaid costume!

·       Aires: Bold and brave, a warrior is the perfect option for an Aires.

·       Taurus: A nature-loving Taurus looks great as a fairy.

·       Gemini: Playful and witty, Geminis make great jokers or jesters!

·       Cancer: A crab sign means one thing: go as a crab for Halloween.

·       Leo: Regal Leos love glam so dress up as a vintage movies.

·       Virgo: Curious and super smart, a Virgo makes a great vampire!  

·       Libra: Music loving Libras love the shimmery look of a 20s flapper dress.

·       Scorpio: Sly and thoughtful, moody Scorpios pull off a goth look perfectly!

·       Sagittarius: Adventurous and sassy, nothing says Sagittarius more than a crime-fighting detective.

·       Capricorn: Go with a classic comic book look like the superhero you are, Capricorn.