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Wear the Trend: The Shacket

By Sara Antonuccio
The Shacket: our latest fashion obsession. A combination of a shirt and a jacket, shackets are designed to mimic the style of a button down shirt (think your favorite flannel), but with a thicker material. They’re inspired by the 90s grunge look, and they’re made with materials ranging from thick cotton to wool, shearling, and even faux leather. Here’s how to get in on the shacket trend:
  • Go for a 90s look: Since the shacket was inspired by the 90s, why not go all out? Pick a shacket in a flannel pattern, grab a pair of combat boots, and raid your collection of band tees. Depending on the weather, you can round out your look with either a pair of ripped denim, leggings, or ankle jeans.
  • Shacket Athlesiure: For fans of the athleisure look, you’ll be glad to know shackets fit right in with your favorite pair of leggings and tennis shoes. Wear a long, cozy t-shirt underneath or a long sleeve shirt in a soft fabric. Running errands has never been comfier! 
  • Crop it: Who’s a fan of crop tops? If the weather isn’t dipping below freezing, you can still get away with showing a little skin underneath your shacket. Leave it unbuttoned over your top and slip on a pair of high waisted jeans for a street style look worth imitating.
  • Noticeable Neckline: Turtlenecks are a seasonal favorite, and they pair particularly well with button down style shackets with a folded collar. For a grungy look, pick a flannel-like shacket and a black turtleneck. For something a little more sophisticated, stick to neutral colors like white, grey, and tan for both the shacket and the turtleneck. A pair of wide leg jeans completes the look.
  • Matching Set: You know how matching blazer and skirt sets are a classic style for work attire? Well, the dressy-casual version is a matching shacket and skirt set. Since shackets are a little more laid back and less formal, they keep the look from appearing too stuffy. Don’t forget to pick up a pair of fleece-lined tights so you can wear a skirt all season long without turning your legs into icicles!
As you can see, the shacket is ready to fit right in with your current wardrobe. No matter what your signature style is, there’s no doubt that one is out there waiting to bring something new to this season’s attire.