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Wear the Style: Layered Looks

By Sara Antonuccio
Layered looks so often fall into the trap of appearing frumpy rather than fashionable. Turn that notion around with one of these layered looks that are perfect for the change of season:
  1. Button-up Blouse with Lightweight Raincoat
Layered looks aren’t just for frigid weather. When the sun starts to peek out from behind the clouds, but the air is still cold enough to require layers, you can pair a long sleeve button-up blouse with a lightweight raincoat, in either contrasting or complimentary colors. Leave the raincoat open so the blouse is just barely visible, or wear a blouse that’s long enough to stretch below the bottom of the raincoat.

Spaghetti Strap Dress Over Turtleneck Sweater
This trend has been around for the last few seasons and isn’t going anywhere. Turtleneck sweaters on their own aren’t all that exciting, but add a spaghetti strap dress over one and a whole new look is created. The dress can be short or long depending on the weather and the vibe you’re going for. 
Oversized Blazer Over Plain Tee
Blazers don’t always have to be formalwear. The perfect casual look consists of a plainly colored (or even simple white) tee, with an oversized blazer (sleeves rolled up of course) on top. Leave the blazer unbuttoned and instead of dress pants, keep the casual look going with cropped jeans. 

Simple Sweater Over a Maxi Dress
Flip the script on the spaghetti strap and sweater combo. Instead of the dress over the sweater, wear the sweater over the dress. This look works best with a maxi or midi dress and a big fluffy sweater. 

Hoodie + Trench Coat Combo
A popular athleisure look, combining a hoodie with a trench coat makes your outfit warm enough for those unexpected cold fronts, stylish enough for the streets, and cozy enough to make you want to leave the house in it. Keep the colors similar, such as an olive green hoodie with a camel-colored coat. This will prevent the combo from looking too busy. 
There you have it! Which layered look will you be trying first?