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Trendy Touches to Upgrade your Outfits

By Leigh Williams
If we’re being honest here, constantly refreshing your wardrobe can be exhausting…and a bit expensive. So we wanted to share a few ideas on how to make your favorite pieces look more upscale than they are! 
Even better? You’re the only one who will know the difference.
Tip #1: Stick with Neutrals
Minimalism is so in right now, so it’s no surprise our top tip is to keep your colors simple. Plus, these items usually pair well together, so overall it makes maintaining your wardrobe so simple. Look for pieces in black, white and gray of course – but also natural earth tones like olive, rust, beige, tan, and light pink, too.
Tip #2: Accessorize Carefully
Layering dainty jewelry pieces always looks elegant – even if these items didn’t cost you a fortune. Maybe you’re into more statement pieces? Totally in as well, we just recommend keeping the number of statement pieces to a minimum so you don’t overwhelm the rest of your outfit!
Tip #3 Try a Statement Belt
Instantly upgrade any minimalistic outfit with a statement belt. These timeless pieces put a finishing touch on just about anything – from a button up and denim to a shirtdress or tunic…the choices are endless.
So which of these trends will you be trying?! With a few simple upgrades to your outfits, you’ll easily be able to give your wardrobe an instant upgrade!