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The Ultimate Closet Organization Guide

By Leigh Williams
A well-organized closet makes it easier to find what you’re looking for – and can make room for new finds! 
How to organize your closet will depend on the space you have AND your lifestyle – meaning if you have a job that requires you to dress business professional, you will likely have a wider variety of clothing in your closet (and ultimately more clothing in general). 
If you have a hobby that requires a specific wardrobe or gear, you will likely have more items in your closet as well. 
But no matter the size of your closet or your lifestyle, these tips will help you organize and clean up your space!
1.     Take everything out of your closet (yes, everything!) including hangers, baskets, bins, and shelves.
2.     Use cleaning supplies to get your closet dust-free. Vacuum or mop the floors and use a dust cloth to clean your shelves.
3.     Sort through your wardrobe and organize items in “keep” and “toss” piles
4.     Assess and rearrange your closet storage solutions to make sure they fit in your space and work with the clothing, shoes, and accessories you plan to keep.
5.     Organize your items in your closet. Keep similar items together and move your most worn items to the front/most visible spaces.
You might be tempted to just keep everything, but remember why you set out to start this process in the first place! Once you’re finished, make it easier on yourself by following a regular cleaning/organization schedule to make the task less of a hassle in the future!