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The Spring Shoe Trends You Need to Try

By Andrea Spanik
Sure, putting together all your favorite spring clothing staples can make you feel great, but about your shoes? You’ve got this amazing outfit and then you throw on the first pair of acceptable shoes you come across. While you certainly can do this, if you’re looking to really level up your style, it’s time to put some thought into your footwear. 
Next time you’re out shopping, consider investing in some of these spring shoe trends: 
1)    Fancy flip-flops
Wait, what? A second ago we were chatting about upgrading our style and now we’re talking about flip flops…
Hear us out: we’re not suggesting that you walk around wearing those standard beach flip flops that you bought for $10. 
No, we’re talking about fancy flips. Think heels, leather, detailing, patterns, and color. 
Trust us, if you keep your eyes open for fancy flip-flops this spring, you’ll find no shortage of options waiting to be discovered. 
2)    Chic Platforms 
Oh, how we love a good platform. 
The best compromise between comfort and style, platforms give you the height you crave, but with way more comfort than your standard stiletto. 
Keep it cool and chic this spring with a trendy platform sandal. 
3)    Sporty Sandals 
Whether it be a classic leather style or a durable rubber style, sporty sandals are making a comeback in a major way. 
In fact, you may be picking up on a bit of a pattern this season: it’s all about comfort. 
Don’t shy away from colorful designs, bold patterns, or head-turning details, but in general, if easy-to-wear shoes that are on-trend and chic sound up your alley, these sporty designs will tick all the right boxes. 
4)    Bring in the color
In fact, speaking of color, now is the time to get some into your footwear. 
In particular, those ‘80s inspired neons are an excellent way to bring a punch of style to your look. Heels, sandals, flats, whatever footwear you need, if you add in that color, you’re already steps ahead in the style department. 
5)    Studs 
That’s right, studs are in and we’re all for it. 
Instantly bringing an edgy tone to a look, you can go for a full studded shoe look, but you’ll also find some more subtle stud options available. Regardless, any version of a studded shoe is a win in our books. 
It’s time to say goodbye to outdated footwear and try out some of these fun shoe trends for spring. Not only will they help pull together your outfit, but with so many comfortable and approachable designs available, never has it been easier to level up your style for spring. 
Who’s in?