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The Perfect Spring Trend for Your Zodiac Sign

By Kelsey Hokit

If you are someone who reads up on your zodiac sign often, you likely feel closely matched with what it says about you. Each zodiac sign has different personality traits, things they love, and things that make them unhappy. Here are our favorite spring trends for each zodiac sign!



Aries tend to be headstrong and bold and we think that the spring trend they would most align with would be pops of color. This could include bright greens, reds, and yellows for a statement making outfit.



Those that are Taurus’ are typically very grounded and like to focus on feelings. For someone that is a Taurus, they are going to care a lot about clothing and accessories that feels great when on. For this reason, we feel that a Taurus would love a great hat. It provides the perfect accessory for spring, while giving them something comfortable to wear.



A Gemini is a dual-sided individual that is playful, yet very down to earth and thoughtful. We think a good pair of earrings for spring is their ideal spring trend. If you are a Gemini, consider trying a beautiful pair of statement earrings for a fun finishing touch to your outfit.



Those that are Cancer’s are known to be sensitive and emotionally driven. They are very driven by feelings so a great spring trend for a Cancer is based on material. We have seen feathers become a very popular trend and they feel very fitting for a Cancer!



As a complete extrovert, Leo’s can be left to bring the funky and fun trends for spring to life! Because of this, Leo’s can absolutely pull off a platform shoe and bring a more eccentric outfit to the table.



Virgo’s are sophisticated and elegant and we know that the spring trend that was made for them is a beautiful spring dress. This could be in any color or pattern that feels comfortable for them, but a great dress is something they will love.



If you are a Libra, you likely have good taste and can be charming. This is why you can pull of the spring trend of white shoes. Whether you want to wear a good loafer, comfortable white sneakers, or a beautiful heel, a pair of white shoes is your go to.



Scorpio’s are fiery and should have a bold trend to follow. This is why the perfect spring trend for Scorpio’s is leather. Whether this is leather pants, a leather skirt, or even leather shorts, it is the ideal bold and fierce look.



As the adventurer of the group, a Sagittarius can pull of bold and patterned prints. They are the perfect ones to bring florals and other fun patterns to their style.



Capricorn’s are organized and can be perfectionists. They are focused and can be known to put emphasis on functionality. This is why their ideal spring trend is a basic white tank. It is versatile, can be styled with almost anything, and is a piece that will be grabbed daily.



As someone who focuses on individuality, an Aquarius is all cool, calm, and collected. Because of their desire to have a unique style, mini skirts are the perfect trend for an Aquarius.



For a creative Pisces, they will be drawn to a trend that is a bit unique, but not too out there. One of the biggest color trends for spring is chartreuse and it is the perfect color for a Pisces to wear.


These spring trends are ideal for each zodiac sign and help your individual style and personality truly shine! If you try any of these, let us know if you think it matched your zodiac sign!