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The New Office Casual- Work From Home Outfit Ideas

By Kelsey Hokit
Over the last couple of years, more and more people have been working from home. Although working from home may mean sitting at your desk in your pajamas, you may need to throw on a casual outfit in the event of a zoom call or even just to feel more put together! These outfit ideas will give you some inspiration for those days you may not feel like having to put together an outfit. 
1. Athleisure
A great athleisure outfit can be perfect for any work-from-home day. Athleisure is better suited for a day where you may not need to be in front of a camera for a work call, but still want to get up and get dressed for work. You can easily pick a comfortable pair of leggings and your favorite tee. If you end up leaving the house you can throw on white sneakers and grab either a denim jacket or an oversized sweatshirt and you are set for your day!
2. Denim With Blazer
Throw on your most comfortable and favorite pair of denim with a neutral blazer and you will immediately feel put together. This look is perfect even if you need to hop on a Zoom call! You will look professional and ready for work. If you want to appear more professional, you can always put a white button-up on for a work call and just wear a simple tee afterward. Complete the look with a beautiful pair of simple earrings and you will be set for work and anything you may have going on after work! 
3. Stretchy Trousers Matching Set
There is nothing better than stylish clothing that feels like pajamas. A pair of stretchy trousers fits this description perfectly. They come in many colors so you can find either a neutral pair or something in a brighter color if you want a fun pop of color. With a matching set, you can wear it at home with slippers if you want to be super comfortable, but also with sandals or sneakers if you end up needing to run errands.
4. Oversized Button-Up
An oversized button-up is not only a great addition to your closet but makes the perfect addition to your work-from-home wardrobe. Pick a neutral color and you can easily wear this top with denim, leggings, or even linen shorts. It is easy to dress up if needed or you can stay casual. 
These outfit ideas will hopefully help you put together an outfit in the morning that will keep you comfortable but feeling stylish during these work-from-home times!