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The Best Bottoms for Summer

By Sara Antonuccio
Are your summer dresses leaving your wardrobe feeling a bit stale? After wearing nothing but maxi, slip, mini, bodycon, and every other variety of dress out there, you might be ready to try a new outfit for summer. Your new look has to meet three criteria, though: breathable, cool, and stylish. These are the best bottoms for summer that tick every box:
Linen Wide Leg Pants
Linen is one of the best summer fabrics because of its lightweight and breathable qualities. It’s perfect for the beach, backyard, and even lounging around the house. To embrace the wide leg trend during summer, linen is your best bet in order to stay cool. White, sky blue, and olive green are some of the more popular shades, and each can be paired with a neutral colored crop top, t-shirt, or short sleeve blouse.
Pleated Skirt
For a sweet, feminine look, nothing fits the bill like a pleated skirt! Pleated skirts are staples of a classy wardrobe, and they’re ideal for everything from work meetings to dinner parties. Classic colors like navy and white are often the shades of choice for pleated skirts, but for summer you can branch out to bold, fun colors like bright pink, purple, or yellow. 
Dressy Shorts
When it comes to shorts for summer, the easy route is to have a drawer full of denim shorts. But where’s the fun in that? To dress up your look with little to no effort, replace denim shorts with dress shorts. Think dress pants, but, well, shorter. These bottoms typically have higher waistlines and wider legs, and they come in a variety of luxe fabrics like silk, linen, and leather.
Boyfriend Capris
While boyfriend jeans are a fall favorite, for summer, switch to capris. Boyfriend-style capris are loose and don’t hug the legs, so they’re more breathable than other denim styles. You’ll also stay cool if you choose lighter shades and jeans that have been roughed up with holes here and there. Add a cute sandal and a sleeveless top, and this casual look will transform into an instant winner!
Summer isn’t all about the dresses! Take advantage of these unique summer bottoms and put together a few outfits that will turn heads and inspire others to upgrade their wardrobes, too!