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Sunglass Styles You Need This Summer

By Laura Leiva
If you love to accessorize a look with sunglasses, you’re in luck. This summer there are countless styles to shop for and you’ll definitely want more than one pair!

As fun as sunglasses are in the summer months, most love to wear them year-round. Because of this, finding styles that match your personal style and look good in any setting is key. Not sure what to add to your collection? Here’s the best trends to keep an eye on this season:

Futuristic frames

From cutouts in the lens to unique and fun frames, futuristic sunglasses are perfect when you want to rock a trend and show off personal style. Funky frames and eye-catching silhouettes take even the most basic styles and transform them into eccentric pieces you want to have. 

Go for the metal 

While chunky acrylic frames have been trending for a while, it’s time to get metal a try. Gold frames are especially on trend and pair perfectly with chunky or statement jewelry. To balance out metal frames, look for styles that are on the thinner side, like aviators. 

Lucite has options

From oversized lens to transparent frames, Lucite gives summer sunglasses so much extra style. Another fun tip when shopping for Lucite glasses? Pay special attention to the lens – look for colorless or even ombre designs. 

Sunglasses are an iconic summer (and year-round) accessory. Have fun with it and try out a few of these trendy styles!