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Summer Vacay Outfit Inspo

By Sara Antonuccio
It’s summer vacay season, and you know what that means—time for a whole new wardrobe fit for the top summer destinations! When you’re on vacation, there are a few different situations you need to be prepared to dress for. We’ve laid out the best outfits for each of these occasions. 
Around Town
Whether you’re headed to a tropical paradise or a quaint European town, you’ll be spending some of your time wandering around, seeing the sights. Adventures like these call for style that incorporates color, so consider these wardrobe choices:
  • Maxi dress in a breathable fabric with closed toe sandals (to avoid getting your toes stepped on in crowds)
  • Shorts and a button up blouse; the blouse should be a light fabric, such as linen
  • Jeans and a t-shirt, plus a winning accessory like a hat or a straw tote bag
Make sure that if you wear a dress, it’s not so long that others might step on it. Your shoes should also be comfortable enough to walk in for a few hours. You never know what you’ll come across while you’re exploring!
By the Beach
Days spent on the beach are arguably the best part of any vacation. Even if you have no intention of setting foot in the water, you can still enjoy the outfits that only really look at home on the beach. Think cover-up dresses that are ultra light or see-through, oversized t-shirts, beach wraps, and of course sarongs. Here are some outfit ideas:
  • Classic white dress cover up over a bikini or one piece swimsuit
  • Long or short sarong over bikini bottoms in a color that contrasts with your bikini top
  • Flowy linen pants over a one piece or bikini
Remember, when you’re at the beach, only wear shoes that you’re comfortable coating in sand, and choose fabrics that won’t get damaged by a little salt, sun, and water.
Night Out
You’ve explored the town, lounged at the beach all day, and now you're ready to experience the nightlife, whether that means hitting a club or checking out a great restaurant! So what do you wear? Well, dresses are always in style, and if you’re in a location that calls for it, go for tropical print! Maxi dresses are often the go-to vacation dress style for nice restaurants, while short dresses are better suited for dancing the night away.
Another option is a stylish jumpsuit or romper. In fact, jumpsuits are so versatile that you could wear the same one while you’re exploring the town and experiencing the nightlife, with just a change of accessories between the two! Here’s how to accessorize your night out options:
  • If you’re wearing a maxi dress, the accessories that really stand out are earrings and bracelets. Long, eye-catching earrings can elevate your outfit to a whole new level
  • Short dresses are all about the shoes. Strappy high heels are always the favorite, but if you’re more comfortable in flats, choose a cute pair of sandals
  • When it comes to jumpsuits, simpler accessorizing is often better. Add a shiny belt for a touch of glam, or pull your hair back and wear statement earrings. A nice pair of heels completes the look!
Vacations give us a chance to kick back, relax, and try out new outfit combinations that don’t fit into our everyday lives. Enjoy this chance to experiment with new styles!