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Summer Makeup Trends That Need to be on Your Radar

By Andrea Spanik
While piling on makeup during the hot, humid days of summer might not sound particularly appealing, for some of us, highlighting our best features with a little bit of makeup makes us feel our best. 
Sound familiar?
If this is you and you want to wear makeup in the summer and do it in style, give some of these summer makeup trends a try. 
1)    Glowing skin
Does glowing skin ever really go out of style? Probably not, but for summer, it’s time to take your glow to the next level with some product. 
Look for products that have a natural glow to them, like a blush that has a bit of shimmer, or a natural bronzer that has a sheen. You don’t need to go for anything too shiny or over-the-top, but just that little extra glow can make a big difference in the radiance of your skin. 
You can even look for cream highlighting products to apply to your cheekbones if you really want to glow up. 
2)    A Pop of (Eye) Colour 
Want to add drama to your look without having to rock a bold lip or smoky eye? Lucky for you, just a pop of vibrant colour applied to the lid is all you need this summer.  
Neon yellow, vibrant pink, sky blue, and lilac eyeshadows and pencils are easy ways to get your makeup on-trend for Summer 2021. 
3)    Brushed-up brows
Another easy way to bring some drama to your makeup look without having to apply a lot of products can be achieved with your brow products. 
In particular, for this summer, it’s all about that brushed-up, bushy brow look. Trust us, bold brows don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Embrace that bold, bushy brow with this look. 
4)    Satin Lips
Not sure what to do with your lips this summer? We recommend going with satin lip products. Somewhere between a matte lipstick and a lip gloss, this product has some shine to it but isn’t as casual as a gloss. To us, it’s the perfect middle ground that is ideally suited for the hot summer days. 
5)    Golden Eyes 
If the coloured eyeshadows and pencils mentioned above aren’t really your style, you’ll be happy to hear that you also have the option to test out some golden eyeshadow colours, like copper and brown. Even small hints of burgundy can be lovely for this look, but just keep your lip on the neutral side to prevent the makeup from looking too fall-inspired. 
So, what do you think? Are you ready to head into summer looking your best with these makeup tips? Stock up on your makeup for the season and you’ll be one step ahead of the crowd.