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Styling Socks: How to Add a Bit of Fun to Your Outfit With This Formerly-Boring Accessory

By Kelsey Hokit

In the past, you might have gotten socks as a gift and thought, “How boring!” Socks can feel like the not-so-exciting part of your outfit, and you likely just throw on a simple white pair every day. However, here are three ways to use socks as an accessory to add a bit of fun to your outfit!


1) Wear Over Leggings

One of the easiest outfits to spice up with your favorite socks is a simple look with leggings. There are several ways you can wear this outfit, but you want to start with your favorite pair of comfortable leggings. Throw on a sweater or tee and then top off the look with an oversized blazer, long cardigan, or coat. You will then wear your socks over your leggings and complete your outfit with sneakers. For this look, you can wear plain socks, something with a logo, or even a chic white pair with stripes around the top.


2) Business Suit

If you want to be the trendiest girl in town, you can wear a fun pair of socks with your favorite business suit. Maybe you work in a business casual office setting, have a meeting, or want to rock a unique look for a dinner with friends! No matter what color business suit you wear, you can wear a bright or patterned pair of socks and finish the look with your favorite white sneakers.


3) Skirt and Loafers

If you enjoy wearing skirts, whether that is a great leather or tweed mini skirt, you can create an ultra-trendy outfit with the right socks! Platform loafers are the perfect addition to an outfit with a skirt and by adding white socks with ruffles at the top, you add a unique touch to an otherwise somewhat simple outfit.

Gone are the days of socks being boring! Say hello to elevating your outfits and creating fun outfits that all of your friends will be jealous of!