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Style & Sustainability – Vegan Leather

By Laura Leiva
Moving toward living more sustainably? Hate the idea of where leather comes from? 

You’re not alone, and thankfully there’s a solution that allows you to accessories with leather without feeling guilty about wearing it: vegan leather. 

What is ‘vegan leather’ exactly? 
In a nutshell, it’s a material made using sustainable materials and transformed into a product that looks and feels like leather. From fruit waste to cork, recycled plastic and materials such as polyurethane, designers and manufacturers can use a multitude of items to recreate leather. 

Designers are looking more to vegan leather as an alternative, which means it’s readily available for shoppers to purchase in a growing number of stores! 

Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous moto jacket or want a new handbag using eco-friendly materials, shopping for vegan leather is easier than ever. 

Vegan, or faux, leather is available in a multitude of stores in shopping stores across the country – check it out next time you’re out and you might be surprised at just how real it looks!