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Spring Home Decor Tips

By Adi Teodoru
Time to put away the heavy quilts and apple scented candles, spring is upon us and we have all the tips and tricks you need to update the look and feel of your home and embrace the season. 
Outdoor Update
 Spring is all about heading back outdoors after a long winter of hibernation. White whicker furniture pieces, and a colorful umbrella will instantly revitalize your backyard living space. Spend some time in the garden and plant your spring flowers to create a peaceful oasis to relax. And don’t forget a couple of citronella tiki torches for a romantic mood! 
Candles and Scents
Everything about spring is fresh and green and new. Open your windows to allow for fresh air circulation as the weather improves and choose Cotton and Green Grass scents for your candles. Plug-ins and infusers will help freshen up smaller areas like bathrooms and closets and makes sure you have an air purifier to prevent those spring allergies. 
Live Plants and Indoor Gardens
Sure, plastic plants are easy to care for in the harsh winter, but now it’s time to improve the air quality of your home and bring the outdoors inside. Succulent gardens are just as easy as artificial plants and make a cute addition to your home office. If you have a kitchen window, a window sill herb garden will enhance the look of the space and have the added bonus of meal-ready herbs at the ready. 
Fresh Flowers 
Spring is the season of flowers! Whether it’s a colorful wreath on the door or vases of fresh flowers scattered throughout the house, this is the time to add color and scent to your home with a great bouquet. Sign up for a delivery service to be sure and have fresh flowers always at the ready. 
Colorful Accent Pieces
Throw pillows, cashmere blankets and even accent furniture can be used to bring color and life to your spring décor. Pick accent pillows for your bed in bright orange or vibrant mint, throws with floral patterns for your couch and add a funky side table or sitting chair as a focus piece to bring the joys of spring into your home.  
Spring is a time of rejuvenation and rebirth and the colors and scents of spring can easily be used to enhance your living space. These items will help your home out of its winter funk and transition it into an oasis of spring.