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Spring Handbag Trends

By Laura Leiva
  • Accessories
  • Spring
With puffer jackets gone, we are at last free from our obligatory winter handbags. We get to think of things beyond practicality and rest assured there are some beautiful handbags making a comeback this season. If you’re looking for pieces that can pull your spring look together, we’ve got you covered! 

In this list we’re rounding up the top trends when it comes to handbags:

  • Knitted bags: We saw it on the runways and we’re seeing it out in the streets. The latest trend is completing your outfit with a woven bag. From neutral toned macrame bags to colorful knitted bags and creative crochet bags, you’re sure to find the perfect, unique bag for you. 
  • Supersized bags: An all-time classic: the super big and practical bag is here to stay. A carryall that can fit everything you need while looking cute, what’s not to like? There’s a supersized back in nearly every texture or material – keep your eye out for totes and straw bags. 
  • Mini bags: These tiny and stylish bags have become a staple for many bag lovers. On the runway, we saw designers playing around with this concept, which makes us want to get creative as well. You can find the perfect tiny, neon bag, a mini feather bag, a mini crutch with fringe, or pearls, or chains, or jewels.

Start the spring season right and snatch a bag that’s going to work for you and your spring look. Whether you’re picking that classic bag you love or you end up stepping out of your comfort zone, have fun!