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Spring Handbag Trends

By Sara Antonuccio
Handbag styles don’t often change too dramatically, but we’re seeing a style revolution in every area of fashion this year, including handbags. If your usual carry-all is looking a bit drab, remember the 4 C’s of handbags this year: chunky chains, curvaceous, and colorful.
Chunky Chain Straps
It’s not often that the straps of a handbag play the leading role, but one trend we’re loving (and the runways are loving, too) is big, chunky chain straps. They’re often added to bags made from soft leather or another type of sleek material. The resulting contrast creates a handbag that’s perfect for upscale venues and weekend excursions. 
Curvaceous Bodies
Boxy bags are a thing of the past. What’s in this year is handbags with a lot of curves. Think tiny shoulder bags with rounded, u-shaped silhouettes. This style was popular in the 90s, and we all know the 90s are coming back in a big way. If you happen to find a curvy handbag with a chunky chain strap, you’re really winning!
Colorful Carry-Alls
Color, color, and more color! And it’s not just the standard fire engine red and soft blue that occasionally show up on handbags that fashionistas are craving. This year, it’s all about vibrance. Lime green, lilac purple, lively yellow, and even hot pink have all graced the runway. The colors of the 60s and 70s mix with the popular shapes of the 90s, giving handbags a life of their own.
Still holding onto a boxy black tote bag? Carrying around a plain white shoulder bag? Give those worn out handbags a break and go for something that really makes a statement! Whether you choose curvy, colorful, chunky chains, or all three, it’s time to don a handbag that’s more than just an accessory.