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Sneaker Styles We’re Loving for Spring

By Adi Teodoru
This spring we’re looking for comfort and style. Sneakers are so versatile you can wear them almost anywhere, from the workplace to a night out. Check out some of our favourite styles of sneaker to keep a spring in your step this season. 
Running Shoes 
The winter hibernation is over and it’s time to enjoy the outdoors again. Neon-coloured or plain white, these shoes will pair with your favourite leggings to give you all the support you need in your health journey. Speak with a professional to choose the right arch support for your foot and get moving again. 
This 90’s style trend is back and we couldn’t be happier. Choose bright colours to make a statement and pair with an ankle sock and a calf-length skirt for a soft, feminine look that is also comfortable. 
Retro High-Top 
2022 is all about retro styles, and these sneakers are right out of the 80’s. Wear them with mom jeans and high tank top for a look that’s like totally rad. 
Another vintage style comeback, the thicker the sole the better. Get the lift of a heel without all the pain in these statement-makers. Paired with flare leg jeans or even a short skirt, these sneakers add personality to any look. 
Faux Leather
The smooth texture and sleek design of these sneakers will elevate your game. Faux leather sneakers are the formal version of this classic shoe and can add comfort and style even at a fancy get together. 
Get moving this spring with comfort and style in a pair of these classic accessories.