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Renter-Friendly Apartment Décor Hacks

By Kelsey Hokit
Renting can occasionally make it difficult to decorate and express your own personal style. You may not have the same decorating freedom that you would have in your own home. However, with these décor hacks, you can still transform your apartment space into a place you love! 
1. Utilize Contact Paper
Contact paper can be your best friend when renting. Many times, you might move into an apartment and not be the biggest fan of the cabinet or countertop colors. However, with the help of a little bit of contact paper, you can apply it to your cabinets and countertops to completely change the entire look of your apartment. 
2. Paint When You Can
Many apartments will have a standard cream or grey color on the walls, and this can feel bland to look at every day. If your apartment will allow you to, take the time to paint. Painting just one wall can freshen the entire apartment and bring a whole new feel. 
3. Swap Hardware
An easy and relatively inexpensive décor hack is to swap out cabinet hardware. Most hardware is simply installed with a screwdriver or power drill and as long as you find something that will fit your cabinets and drawers, then you can quickly swap the hardware to add your own style to the apartment. 
4. Install Window Treatments
Almost all apartments will allow you to hang items on the wall and hanging window treatments is another great way to add your personal touch while making your apartment feel like home. You can find window treatments in almost any style and color and hanging them is fairly simple. 
5. Hang Artwork and Pictures
One of the easiest ways to decorate an apartment is by hanging artwork and personal pictures on your walls. If your landlord will not let you paint then hanging pieces on the walls that you love will help your new place feels like your own. Even if you cannot drill holes in the wall, you can utilize hooks that stick to the wall instead. 
These easy tips will help your rental feel like your own home! Always check with your landlord prior to making changes to ensure they are allowed, but we know you will love decorating your apartment with these hacks!