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Outfit ideas for all your straight-legged pants

By Laura Leiva

As much as most people love skinny jeans, straight-legged pants are the trending style at the moment. Not sure how to style them? Here are some ideas that workday or night:

·       Tucked sweaters: Lightweight sweaters and straight-legged jeans are a classic combo. Pair with a chic belt and this look works well for any weekend outing.

·       Denim on denim: Go for a 90s vibe with denim straight leg jeans and jean jacket. Looking for a modern twist? A white cropped t-shirt or tank makes it the perfect look for springtime.

·       Try different shoes: Straight leg pants work well with so many shoes – from chunky boots to retro sneakers and strappy stilettos – experiment with different shoes to get fresh looks.

·       Go for a polished look: A turtleneck and blazer gives straight legged pants an instant polished look, day or night.

·       Add a pop of color: Pair a neutral or washed denim pant with a pop of color – shoes, bag, or even a sweatshirt in a bright hue adds that extra visual appeal.

Straight leg pants are versatile and comfortable. Get creative and mix a variety of options to create a unique outfit!