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OTK vs Knee High Boots

By Sara Antonuccio
There’s one surefire way to instantly make a statement with your outfit: pick the right pair of shoes. When the weather is less than perfect, the top choice for footwear is boots. But when your choices are between knee high and over the knee, which do you choose, and what difference is there between the two?
  • Over the knee boots cover the entire knee and can either end just above the kneecap or extend up to the thigh.
  • They’re generally made with soft, flexible material to allow for a full range of motion.
  • Since over the knee boots take up most of the leg, they tend to come in more neutral colors so as not to look ostentatious. 
  • They go well with a range of outfits, from jeans and skirts to dresses. 
  • The longer your legs are, the more flattering over the knee boots will look.

Knee High
  • Knee high boots can either end just below the kneecap, or have a bit of extra material in the front to cover the kneecap but leave the back open for more comfort.
  • They’re flattering on those with shorter legs.
  • Knee highs are the classic riding boots; they’re easy to find, easy to style, and come in a range of colors.
  • While over the knee boots are made with flexible materials, knee highs are more rigid and are usually a leather or leather-like material.
  • Knee highs don’t generally go well with shorter pieces like dresses or skirts, but they pair well with jeans.
The differences between knee high and over the knee boots are subtle, but they’re there nonetheless. If you’re looking for drama and dig the trendy style, and you have long legs, you’ll feel right at home in over the knee boots. If you’re a traditionalist and idealize the New England prep style, knee highs are for you. Whichever one you go for, as long as you feel comfortable and confident, you’ve made the right choice!