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Must-Have Items for Your Holiday Wardrobe

By Kelsey Hokit
The holidays are a time of joy and celebration and with that comes many parties, events, and gatherings. We know how busy you are and trying to plan outfits can be added time you do not have. These must-have items will have you prepared for any holiday event and have you feeling great! 
1. Sequins
Nothing screams holiday fashion more than some form of sequins. You do not have to have a full sequin outfit, but a beautiful sequin top or skirt will be the perfect addition to your holiday wardrobe. You can pair a sequin top with jeans for a casual look or wear a sequin skirt with a beautiful sweater for a more formal event. 
2. Black Tights
Tights have become trendy again recently and they can be paired with a great pair of leather shorts or a skirt for a trendy, yet holiday look. Whether you want to wear a sweater or bodysuit, you can complete the look with a great pair of booties and you will look ready for any holiday function. 
3. Chunky Sweater
With chillier temperatures upon us, a good chunky sweater will be one of the most worn items in your closet. You can create a great holiday outfit by wearing it with your favorite skirt, whether it is a leather mini skirt or a midi skirt and put on a pair of chunky earrings and booties. 
4. Holiday Colored Piece
Now you do not have to go purchasing something in bright green or red but having a piece of clothing in your closet that is in some form of deep green or burgundy can easily help you feel more holiday ready. You can put together a beautiful outfit with a deep green dress and neutral coat or a burgundy skirt and wear a white top with it to balance it out. 
These simple holiday wardrobe must-haves will allow you to put together several different outfits and be stylish for the holiday season. You deserve to soak up time with loved ones and not stress about what to wear!