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It’s Black Business Month- Here’s Your Consumer Guide to Supporting Black-Owned Businesses

By Kelsey Hokit

August is Black Business Month, and it is important for us to recognize the important role that these businesses play in our economy. It is an exciting time to focus on a community that is often underrepresented, and we hope this guide will give you the additional information you need to help support these black-owned businesses this month.


Use Directories

There are black directories on the internet that will help you find black-owned businesses that you can support for daily needs as well as specialty businesses such as car repair shops. These directories can be a large help when you are looking for a local business to support.


Utilize Social Media

Social media can be a great tool to find black-owned businesses that may not be in your area, but you can still support and shop online. Utilize hashtags and search for keywords in order to find new businesses that you can shop.


Black Food Fridays

When you search the hashtag #blackfoodfridays on Instagram, you will find an abundance of black-owned restaurants all over the country. This movement was started by K.J. Kearney in Charleston, SC.



Etsy has an amazing page where you can look at all the black-owned Etsy shops. There is an incredible variety of products available, and this can be a great resource to look for clothing, home products, and even amazing things that you can gift to others!


We hope this guide has at least given you a good start on different ways that you can support and find black-owned businesses to support during this incredible month! There are so many amazing businesses out there to find and we know you will find some wonderful new places to shop and support this month.