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How to Wear the Halter Top

By Sara Antonuccio
The early 2000s are back in a big way, and leading the pack is one of the most iconic styles: the halter top. It’s very easy to get halter tops wrong, so be sure you stick to a few rules and follow these “how to wear” tips to make sure your halter outfits are on point.
  1. Stick to the Halter Top Rules
To avoid a cheap look that does your halter top a disservice, remember the golden rule that applies to all outfits designed to show a little skin: if your neckline is low, your hem should be low. If your neckline is high, your hem can be higher. It’s all about creating balance between your top half and bottom half to look not only sexy, but sleek.
  1. Flared instead of skintight 
The halter tops you’re likely picturing are skin tight and curve hugging, but those aren’t your only options. For a look that’s a little more chic, try a halter top that flares out at the waist. This can bring definition to the torso and make your waist look smaller, particularly if you have a longer torso.
  1. Throwback to matching top and bottom
Remember the popularity of matching tops and bottoms from decades past? Well, it’s time for this look to make a comeback as well. A form fitting halter top with a matching wide leg pant is definitely retro, but in the best way possible. To avoid a slightly tacky disco look, stick to fabrics that aren’t synthetic or don’t have too much stretch to them. 
  1. Tuck it in
Tuck in a shirt, and suddenly your entire outfit is kicked up a notch in the sophistication department. While halter tops can too often appear strictly casual, it’s easy enough to style them in such a way that they’re appropriate for occasions that call for more formality. Try tucking a form fitting halter top into a pair of high waisted trouser pants, add a small heel, and you’re ready for everything from date night to work parties. 
  1. Unexpected additions
Halternecks are nothing but simple tops with no sleeves and straps that tie around the neck, right? They can be, but they don’t have to be. Fancier halter tops incorporate additional accessories, like flared off-shoulder sleeves that create a hybrid halter/off-the-shoulder top, or a draped panel hanging down from the side.
Halter tops have secured a solid reputation as a throwback that’s worth revisiting. If you have yet to dive into the trend, it’s time to get shopping.