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How to Style Your Skinny Jeans for Fall

By Sara Antonuccio
Chillier weather means it’s time to pull your jeans out again, but don’t feel bummed! Jeans don’t have to be boring; not if you style them right. For skinny jean styling tips that are straight out of fashion magazines, try these on for size:
Long, Oversized Sweater
Wear a cozy, long, oversized sweater over skinny jeans for a super comfy fall look that we’re loving. Grey, white, and black sweaters are the classics that look good with every skinny jean color and wash, but you can always mix it up with something more fun, like multicolored. Pick a sweater that’s roomy and loose, but not so loose that you’re swimming in it. 
Skin-Tight Turtleneck
For an oh-so-sophisticated match-up, pair a form-fitting turtleneck with skinny jeans that accentuate all the right places. Black is our top pick for turtlenecks since it’s a slimming shade, but variations of grey work too. If you’re wearing this look for a night out, tuck in your turtleneck and add a statement belt and a pair of high heels. If you’re running errands, slip on some tall boots instead.
Thigh-High Boots
This is the look skinny jeans were made for. In our opinion, the taller the boots, the better the effect, and you don’t get much taller than thigh-high. If you’re wearing black boots, pick a medium wash jean or something with a touch of grey to it. If you’re wearing brown or beige, stick to a lighter wash. 
Business-like Button Up
Button up blouses are work wardrobe staples, but they hold their own when dressed down with a pair of skinny jeans. Pick your favorite collared blouse, tuck it into your favorite skinny jeans, and add a slight heel to create your new go-to casual Friday outfit. If the weather is a bit too chilly for a thin shirt, add a knit cardigan or sweater over the top.
Statement Jacket
You know that jacket that just screams for attention? The one that has a bold pattern, or sparkles, or reaches all the way to the floor, or has a unique shape? That jacket was made for skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are subtle; they won’t detract from the jacket, and they won’t take it over the top or make the overall effect too busy. 
The versatility of jeans can’t be beat, and despite suggestions that skinny jeans may have had their time in the sun, these styles indicate they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.