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How to Style the T-Shirt Dress

By Sara Antonuccio
Comfy casual is the name of the game this year, and nothing fits the bill better than a t-shirt dress. Celebs and style influencers alike are showing us just how versatile these can be, but if you’re strapped for ideas, here are some ways to style a t-shirt dress:
Add a Belt
T-shirt dresses, while cute, can also feel a bit boxy and oversized, so cinch in that waist with a cute belt! Both thin and thick belts look good with t-shirt dresses, so pick the style that suits you best. As an alternative, you can also wear a belt bag (the more fashionable version of a fanny pack), the perfect addition for a day out! 
Wear Strappy Sandals
On warmer days, a pair of strappy sandals and a t-shirt dress make the perfect summer-ready look. Since t-shirt dresses give you a chance to show off your legs, you can choose either short or gladiator-style sandals, and either one will give you the image you’re after.
Cover Up with a Denim Jacket
When it’s not warm enough to leave your arms bare, pick a jacket that’s half the length of your t-shirt dress (or shorter). A great option is a denim jacket. Contrasting a soft dress with the rougher look of denim is a classic fashion trick that instantly creates a photo-worthy outfit. This kind of look fits in whether you’re running errands, at the beach, or out for lunch.
Try a Long Cardigan
You can also go the exact opposite direction and pick a soft cardigan that’s longer than the dress to go over the top. This look works well during breezy spring days and nighttime get-togethers, since you’ll be both protected against the chill and have a subtly regal appearance thanks to the cardigan billowing behind you. 
Think Beachy
Since t-shirt dresses are all about bringing summer vibes to springtime, why not embrace everything that goes with summer? Pick a sand-worthy pair of flip flops or boat shoes, throw a t-shirt dress on over a swimsuit, slip on some cat-eye sunglasses, and add a hat to keep the sun off your face. Voila, you’re ready for the beach! 
T-shirt dresses are meant to be the epitome of casual wear, so don’t stress too much about how to style them. If you’re comfortable and feel good about yourself, that’s all you need!