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How to Style the Checkerboard Pattern

By Sara Antonuccio
The runways are full of 60s and 70s nostalgia, and if you were a little bit punk back in the day, you’ll be happy to hear that checkerboard is not only in, it’s taking over in a big way. But you don’t have to pull out your old leather and style your hair in a mohawk to enjoy checkerboard’s comeback. Designers are going modern, so try one of these styles to add the checkerboard trend to your outfits:
Black and White with Bright Colors
Black and white checkerboard is the classic combo, but it can feel a little jailhouse if you don’t add any other colors to your look. Try to style black and white with bright, eye-catching colors. A pink jacket over a checkerboard dress, or a light blue blouse with a checkerboard skirt, are great examples of how to make black and white checkerboard more interesting. 
Maybe you’re not ready to see checkerboard taking over your closet. That’s okay! You can still get in on the trend with a few checkerboard accessories. Pull your hair back with a checkerboard clip or scrunchie, find a checkerboard crossbody bag, or even top off your outfit with a silky checkerboard scarf!
Blocky Bodysuit
We all love a good bodysuit. They’re easy to style, form fitting, and there are so many different styles you could wear one every day without repeats. The latest pattern to grace the world’s favorite one-piece is, of course, checkerboard, and you can find color combos ranging from classic black and white to wild neons and even pastels.
Mix Your Prints
That old rule to never mix prints is just that—old. Throw that outdated idea out the window and style your checkerboard with some soft florals, a little houndstooth, and maybe a few stripes. Try to keep your color palette relatively similar when mixing patterns to prevent the look from being too busy. 
Mini Checkerboard
The size of the checkerboard pattern in your outfit will change the entire feel of it. Large checkerboards can be more eye-catching and bold, so if you’re not quite ready to commit that much to the trend, you can choose pieces with smaller checks that blend in better. Try a belt, pastel shade summer dress, or pair of heels with tiny checks to give the pattern a try. Who knows, you just might fall in love with it!