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How to Style: Chunky Combat Boots

By Sara Antonuccio
The best of the grunge look is back in style this year, and that means combat boots are making their way to runways all over the world. Models and designers alike are obsessed with chunky combat boots and the unlimited number of ways to style them, so jump on board and try one of these outfits:
The Classic Leather Look
The most traditional way to wear combat boots is with all things leather. Leather moto jacket, leather pants, leather accessories—you can never have too much, can you? Combat boots are leather’s best friend, so you’ll always know you’ve done it right if you throw on some leather and head out. 
Sweater Dress
Combat boots and dresses? Yes please! Sweater dresses are particularly desirable when styling combat boots because they tend to be shorter, and the contrast between a soft, cozy sweater material and edgy boots creates a look that can’t be ignored. Plus, leaving your legs bare gives the boots all the attention they deserve. 
Skater Skirt
Remember the good old days of grunge, when combat boots, skater skirts, and oversized plaid were all the rage? Well, now that combat boots are back, so are skater skirts. This style of skirt can be darling and demure, or punk rock, and since it’s purposefully short, chunky boots stand out all the more. If skater skirts don’t speak to you, though, any skirt that hits above the thigh is destined to be paired with combat boots.
Wide-Leg Crop Pants
Skater skirts might seem a bit dated, but this next style is what all the fashionistas are wearing with their combat boots. Wide-leg crop pants are hot items this year, and while they’re usually paired with heels and fitted tops to create a chic, work-ready look, they look just as sleek with a pair of combat boots. The boots accentuate the wider leg of the pants and are displayed in all their glory thanks to the short crop. 
Chunky combat boots make a strong statement, and that’s exactly what we need after a year of keeping our fashion choices limited to pjs and loungewear. Don’t be afraid to stand out, especially after all that time spent shut in.