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How to Instantly Make Your Outfits More Fashionable

By Sara Antonuccio
It’s too bad there’s no instant fashion button we can press when we’re short on inspiration and staring at a closet full of the same old, same old. There might not be a button, but there are a few time-honored tricks that fashion experts use to make their outfits memorable. Try a few of these techniques to give your outfits a fashion facelift with minimal effort:
Keep Your Jewelry Simple
Chunky, bold jewelry is a good fit for some circumstances, but for everyday looks, simple is chic. A small pair of gold hoop earrings, delicate necklace, and a classic tennis bracelet add just enough bling to stand out without being overpowering. A good tip for when you’re unsure if you have too much jewelry on is to always take off one piece before you leave the house. 
Choose Tailored Pieces
Well-fitting clothes are far more fashionable than ones that don’t fit your body well. There is a time and place for oversized sweaters, of course, but most of your clothes should be tailored to your body shape. A few pieces to consider investing in a tailor for include blazers, jeans, and dresses. 
Add Something Unexpected
Want to know what fashion experts do to kick their outfits up a notch? They add an unexpected twist. Try an unconventional shoe, a hat you didn’t think would match your look, or a pair of fun tights. Just remember that there’s a difference between unexpected and wacky; add too many clashing pieces, and you’ll drift closer to one than the other.
Pick Bold Prints
When you’re looking at pictures of fashion week, what looks stand out the most? The subtle, understated colors and patterns, or bold prints that demand attention? Fashion is loud, and it loves to make a statement. That’s why bold prints of one variety or another are always in style. Leopard print, flashy floral, and nature-inspired are all good choices, and the richer the colors, the better. 
Wear a Really Great Shoe
Have you ever noticed how a pair of heels can turn simple jeans and a t-shirt into a photo-worthy street style look? All it takes is one great pair of shoes to make an outfit come together. Invest in long-lasting, high quality, versatile shoes that you can wear with multiple looks, and you won’t have to worry about putting together a fashionable outfit again.
The next time you’re stuck trying to figure out how to make your look less ordinary, try one of these tips. You might be surprised by how easy it is to be fashionable!