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Hosting Essentials

By Sara Antonuccio
It’s holiday party season, and that means endless opportunities to host friends and family! Whether you’re getting together for a special holiday meal or simply want to spend time with the people you care about, there are some essential supplies you’ll need to host the best event of the year.
Appetizer trays, platters, tureens, cake stands, and so much more—serveware encompasses a broad range of dishes intended to beautifully display mountains of food. If you’re having a small, informal get-together, you can stick to appetizer trays that you bring around or set out so guests can grab small bites. For larger gatherings, use platters for large cuts of meat, tureens for soups and stews, and dessert stands for the best part of the meal. 
Lots of guests plus drinks equals rings on all your furniture. Coasters are essential to avoid permanent damage! Make sure you have at least one coaster for every guest, and set them out in all the common areas and any surface you want to protect. Coasters can also serve as decorations if you pick ones that are seasonal. 
Cheese Board
This is the real hosting essential: the humble cheese or charcuterie board. Cheese is universally beloved, and when you dress it up with crackers, meats, nuts, and fruit, you have a winning appetizer that looks wonderful and tastes even better. An optional but highly encouraged addition to your board is a variety of cheese knives. 
Keep those everyday glasses and mugs in the cupboard where they belong. It’s time to bring out the glassware that makes guests feel special! Elegant wine glasses, champagne flutes and coupes, crystal goblets...not only do these sophisticated touches add to the atmosphere, they show guests that they’re worthy of the best. 
Table Linens
Dinner parties are the perfect excuse to fully dress your table. That means a nice tablecloth (preferably with a seasonal pattern), linen napkins, and placemats. These touches might seem on the formal side, but they bring back an old-fashioned elegance that we all miss. 
The final thing you need is ambiance: wonderfully scented candles, decorations, and of course your guests! They’re the real reason you want to pull out all the stops, and these hosting essentials will help you celebrate and show them how much you appreciate having them in your life.