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Home Décor Ideas for a Cozy Cabin Feel

By Laura Leiva
Whether you want to embrace a full-on cabin vibe or you’re looking to freshen up a room for the season, home décor makes it easy to transform your space into the cabin of your dreams. Here are five things you can do this weekend to create a warm and snuggly ambiance:

·       Add neutral décor: If you’ve got patterned or colorful décor in your space, swap it out for some earth-toned neutrals and natural textures. Think wood, fresh greenery, wool, and unbleached linen to start. 
·       Incorporate textures: Fur throws or pillows on the couch, leather hides and rugs (all faux, of course) on a wooded floor add an instant change to any room. Keep décor simple though so the room looks chic, rather than over the top themed. Chunky wool blankets make a bedroom even cozier. 
·       Weathered or rustic décor: Look for décor that evokes a sense of charm – antique finishes and reclaimed materials will give your room that sense of being a well-lived-in cabin. 
·       Old and new: When shopping for home décor, look for ways to blend vintage pieces with new to give your space a truly personalized feel. 
·       Choose the best paint colors: Give your space a total makeover with a simple can of paint. Whether you choose to do the entire space or want to keep it easy with an accent wall, nothing says cozy cabin more than a matte paint in mossy green. 

Creating a cozy cabin aesthetic is about bringing in natural or nature-inspired tones. Bring the outside indoors with a few simple pieces and lots of fun textures!