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Holiday Style for 2021

By Sara Antonuccio
 Who’s ready for holiday parties, family gatherings, and the merriment of the holiday season again? Now that we can get all dressed up again, it’s time to pull out all the stops. Here’s what to wear for this year’s holiday style:
Slip Skirts
Your holiday wardrobe isn’t complete without a slip skirt or two in festive colors like gold and burgundy. If you’re going for real luxury, it doesn’t get any better than a calf-length slip skirt made from silk. If you’re more budget-conscious, materials that mimic the look and feel of silk are just as elegant.
Cable Knit Sweaters
The classic fall and winter cable knit sweater is perfect for a formal or casual holiday event. Pair a neutral sweater with a bold slip skirt for a sophisticated look, or try a nice pair of wide leg trouser jeans if the atmosphere is more laid back. It’s easy to dress a cable knit sweater up or down, so it pays to keep a few in reserve.
Feather-Trimmed Dresses
Feathers are everywhere this season, and they bring a hint of retro glam that fits just right at holiday parties. Our favorite way to wear feathers for the holidays harkens back to the roaring 20s and the iconic flapper dresses. You don’t have to go full flapper, of course, but a bit of feather trim around the hem of a midi dress is glamorous enough for any event.
Dressed Up Mini Dresses
Another trend for this year is mini dresses, a 90s party staple that’s come back around just in time for 2021 celebrations. To keep out the chill, use your mini dress as the centerpiece of your outfit and add complementary accessories. Leggings are a good start, then maybe a long necklace, tall boots, and a petite purse. 
Family holiday parties might not be the place you want to wear a corset, but when your chosen family, namely your friends, come together to celebrate, don’t be afraid to wear something a little sexier! Corsets today aren’t quite so old fashioned (or barbaric); they come in a wide range of styles, colors, and shapes, but they still serve their main purpose of making your waistline look fantastic. 
This year’s holiday styles are even sweeter because of how much we’ve missed out on. Appreciate your friends and family, give thanks for being able to spend the holidays with them, and enjoy those holiday clothes that are finally getting a chance to be seen!