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Holiday Party Coming Up? Here’s What to Wear!

By Kelsey Hokit
  • Holiday
  • party dresses

The holidays tend to be a fun and exciting time, but also filled with plenty of parties and special occasions. There is nothing worse than it being the day of a party and you are scrambling through your closet. In this guide, we are going to talk about several different holiday party outfits that you can wear for any event!


1. Office Holiday Party

If you have an upcoming office holiday party, you might be struggling with what to wear. Maybe you want to show your holiday spirit, but also want to remain professional. This is the perfect time to either wear a chic black dress that is knee-length or if you want to wear pants then put on a great pair of trousers and pair it with a sequin top and a blazer to finish the look.


2. Casual Holiday Party

Maybe your friend is throwing a holiday party, but said that is not overly fancy. Feel free to have fun with your look. A great pair of leather leggings paired with a red or dark green sweater is perfect for this occasion. If you want to wear something more eye-catching, feel free to wear black jeans with a sequin top or blazer and put on your favorite black booties to complete the look.


3. Dressy Holiday Party

If you got an invite and you know that the event is going to require you to dress up, then this would be the perfect time to consider a dress. If you want to keep it more understated, then consider a black dress with some sequin detailing or if you want to make a statement, you might consider wearing an all-sequin dress to really show your holiday spirit. You can finish the look with simple, classic jewelry and pair it with your favorite pair of heels.


4. Formal Holiday Party

For any holiday party that is a formal occasion, you will likely want to wear a floor-length gown. Feel free to show your personality and choose a color that suits your personal taste, while keeping in the holiday spirit. You can never go wrong with a black dress, but a deep red or forest green will have you feeling holiday ready.


No matter what type of holiday party you are going to, there are several different outfit options available! We hope this guide will keep you from rifling through your closet at the last minute and have you feeling confident and beautiful for any event!