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Fitness Essentials

By Laura Leiva
You don’t need fancy equipment or luxe activewear to get a good workout. Even with the simplest of items, you can work up a sweat to feel good inside and out from the comfort of home. Here are the four things you need to get your home gym ready for a workout session. 

·       Workout mat. Whether you’re doing Pilates or prefer HIIT, a good workout mat offers protection to floors while also making the workout more comfortable. For activities like stretch or yoga, a sticky or grip mat works best. For heavier training, look for a padded mat with added support. 
·       Resistance bands. Sometimes weights are hard to find, and they can get pretty expensive. The solution? Resistance bands. They come in a variety of tensions so you can work the entire body without taking up a lot of space in your home. Plus, they’re easy to take on trips if you want to work out from a hotel room.
·       Active wear. Depending on your activity, the type of activewear you should get will help make your workout more comfortable. For examples, look for moisture-wicking fabrics if you’re into running or weights, or compression pants and tops with built-in sports bra for barre or yoga. 
·       Bluetooth headphones. Like listening to a podcast while you walk? Maybe you need some music to get you through weightlifting. Bluetooth headphones and ear buds are ideal because they don’t get in the way of your workout and connect to your phone for easy listening. 

Improving fitness doesn’t require a lot to get started. Start small with these essentials!