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Fashion Week Inspired Styles

By Sara Antonuccio
Fashion week has arrived! From Paris to New York, the fashion capitals of the world are brimming with new styles, trends, and poach-worthy runway looks. To bring your wardrobe up to par with fashion week’s ensembles, here’s some inspiration straight from the catwalk. 

Tulle Ruffles

Channel those prima ballerina vibes with a bit of tulle. Fashion week showed tulle ruffles not just on skirts, but on dresses and blouses too. The classic tulle colors are white and pink, but we’re also seeing black tulle from some designers, which creates a somewhat gothic look. Ruffles around the neckline are particularly powerful. 

Catsuit Up

The catsuit rose to popularity in the 1960s and had its place in fashion up until the 90s, then somehow we lost touch with this skintight style. But fashion week goers have declared that catsuits are back! This bold look can be brought down a level by selecting a neutral shade and adding an oversized coat over the top, or you can go all out with an all-over pattern and a fabulous pair of heels.

Pops of Color

Monochrome was the name of the game for most designers, but here and there you would see a bold pop of unexpected color. Maybe an oversized black trench coat was finished with a ruby red belt, or a pair of turquoise gloves adorned the arms of a model in a white evening dress. The key is to overdo it, just a touch, by picking a shade brighter than you would normally choose. 

Thigh High Leg Slits

Another look from the 90s, the classic leg slit is reaching new heights on today’s runways. Once upon a time, leg slits stopped at the knee, but now they’re heading thigh high and displaying every inch of leg possible. Thankfully, hosiery brands are prepared and have designed pantyhose specifically for slit dresses so you can feel comfortable and confident showing some skin. 

Clever Cutouts

Open back is so last year. To put a bit of skin on display the way today’s fashionistas do, look for unique cutouts on tops, dresses, skirts, and even pants. Your sweater might have a swooping cutout from the shoulder to your décolletage, or perhaps your dress has diamond-shaped cutouts along the sides. The key is to look for the unexpected.

Fashion week is all about taking risks, trying something new, and going all out for the sake of style. After all, when you look incredible, you feel incredible. That’s the magic of fashion.