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Fashion Pieces That Are Here to Stay

By Adi Teodoru
Trends are constantly changing, and something new is always around the corner. It’s hard to decide what to keep when clearing out your closet for spring and summer. But these staple pieces will almost certainly be stylish no matter how trends evolve. 
The blue jean was invented in 1873 and for over two centuries, this staple of American life has remained constant. Flare leg or skinny, denim pants will never go out of style, so you can be confident in keeping them as part of your wardrobe. 
Little Black Dress
The roaring twenties gave birth to this fashion trend, and the little black dress has remained a symbol of confidence and power ever since. This piece can be paired with anything from high heels and a shawl for formal events or a simple cardigan and flats for work. 
Over two hundred years old, this is a shoe that is becoming more and more celebrated. With athleisure being the leading fashion trend over the last few years, you can be sure that a pair of sneakers can be worn for almost any event. 
Almost at popular as jeans, the t-shirt has a two-hundred-year-old history that’s still going strong today. With versatile designs and patters, a t-shirt can be paired with almost anything. Jeans and sneakers for your day off, or a pencil skirt and blazer for the boardroom, this piece isn’t going anywhere. 
Leather Jacket
Another product of the 1920’s, this piece is a must for every wardrobe. Whether it’s suede and soft, or jet black and accented in chrome, it’s always a special day when you throw on this piece. Pair with a flirty summer dress for a date night, or jeans and a crop-top for an edgy look that’s sure to make a statement. 
Spring cleaning your closet is a therapeutic process, and helps us transition from the heavy coats and gloominess of winter, to the relaxed and fresh styles of spring. No matter what reason you have for cleaning out your closet, these pieces are a must for the keep pile.