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Fashion Habits to Hault

By Leigh Williams
Maybe you’re like me and really aspire to be super trendy – but then end up finding yourself reverting to your tried and true favorites (hello leggings or jeans and a t-shirt). To help myself get out of this fashion “rut”, I created four fashion habits I’m haulting to look and feel my best this year.
1.     Avoiding color – I think 95% of my wardrobe is a neutral shade. And this is the year it ends! Sure it makes me feel comfortable and confident, but it’s time to step out of my comfort zone and add a little color to my wardrobe.
2.     Buying pieces I don’t wear – I distinctly remember buying a hot pink designer purse…that I have yet to use (for reasons stated above). Maybe yours is coats you never wear or jeans or dresses. Whatever it is, most of us have these items stashed away in the back of our closet. Let’s come together and make a pact to keep ourselves from purchasing these items in the first place!
3.     Dressing for practicality – ok, I can’t be the only one who gets dressed based on what I’m feeling with zero regard for the forecast, right? Ever find yourself sweating in your outfit when choosing something geared more for warmer weather would have done the trick? Or have you found yourself freezing when you could have just chosen something better suited for cold weather? Ok, now we’re putting an end to that! Dressing for practicality over just what we “like” to wear…
What do you think?! Are you in? Maybe you plan to add or replace a rule with one of your own – no matter what you choose, push yourself to try something new, to choose sustainability when you can, and to be ready for anything. These simple fashion rules will take you far!