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Efficient Kitchen: Tips for Streamlining Your Cooking Space Organization

By Laura Leiva
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  • Kitchenware/Specialty Foods

·       Minimize plastic storage. There’s nothing worse than having dozens of plastic containers and not finding proper lids! To keep storage accessible and organized, consider switching to glass with lids and organizing them by size for easy use. Aside from lasting longer, glass is a healthier option when storing and reheating food.

·       Keep the essentials within reach. Use the same spices over and over? Always looking for the paper towels? Storing your most-used items in an easy-to-reach space means you’ll know where to go when you start cooking or cleaning up.

·       Pare down on the clutter. It’s easy to accumulate clutter in the kitchen. From random gadgets to an endless supply of plastic bags, use storage solutions to keep similar items together. Haven’t used a gadget in months? Donate or toss it to make space in your kitchen.

·       Use clear bins in the fridge. Don’t let those random ingredients fall to the depths of the fridge and go to waste anymore. Instead, utilize clear storage bins in the fridge to group fruits, vegetables, deli items, and snacks for easy scanning and grabbing. 

·       Look for ways to add more storage. Is your kitchen on the smaller side? Look for ways to add more square footage to the space – rolling islands or carts are two great ways to meal prep and store the basics, plus you can keep them out of the way when not in use.