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Dainty Jewelry

By Sara Antonuccio
Ah, jewelry. It makes every outfit better, every birthday sweeter, and puts a smile on the faces of even the toughest to please. A recent favorite trend in the jewelry department is dainty jewelry. Minimalist rings, simple necklaces, and earrings that complement your look rather than hogging the attention are the name of the game. Some of the stand-out dainty jewelry styles of the season include:
This year’s jewelry trends include chain links. They’re showing up as simple chain necklaces with small links, chain drop earrings with small pearls on the end (incorporating the next two trends), and thin chain bracelets. As is usually the case with dainty jewelry, these all tend to look best in gold, but don’t discount the ever-popular rose gold. 
Drop Earrings
Drop earrings have the uncanny ability to accentuate formalwear and liven up an everyday look. But the big, statement earrings of past years are being traded out in favor of dainty looks. Think thin chains (see above), teeny tiny gems hanging from wire, and simple pull-through earrings with small nature symbols like leaves and stars hanging from the bottom. 
Minimalist Pearls
Pearls will always be the universal symbol of class. If you have yet to add any pearls to your jewelry box, now is an excellent time, because small, minimalist pearls are in. A thin chain necklace with tiny pearls, simple drop earrings with pearls at the bottom, or an itty bitty pearl ring are all great ways to make sure you have some pearls on hand and add a touch of Audrey to any outfit. 
Huggie Earrings
If you never knew what these were called, you’re not alone. Huggie earrings are the unsung heroes of those “I need an accessory but have no idea what goes with my outfit” mornings. They’re so named because they’re small hoops that “hug” the ear. For truly dainty huggie earrings, pick a pair that are just thin hoops, like a cuff but for your earlobe. 
Double Layer Necklaces
It’s hard to go wrong with double layer necklaces. All you need are two necklaces, one shorter than the other. Really. After that it’s up to you; you can choose matching metal finishes, or contrasting. One necklace can be a choker, or both can be long. Just keep in mind the other trends on the list; try one necklace with little pearls, and another with small chain links. 
Sometimes understated is the way to go. Dainty jewelry lets you add some elegance to your outfit without going over the top, and it’s great for those who aren’t always sure how to incorporate accessories with their look. Pick one trend or pick them all, get shopping, and start accessorizing!