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Creative Ways To Layer For Cold Weather

By Kelsey Hokit
Cold weather is fast approaching and that means it is time to break out the layers. This transition period can be tough because temperatures may change throughout the day. However, with some creativity, you can layer perfectly for a range of weather and still stay stylish in those cooler temperatures!
1) Wear Jumpsuits
Jumpsuits can be a creative way to layer clothes, but still remain extremely stylish! You can find jumpsuits in almost any color or pattern to fit your personal style and you can easily layer another blouse on top to give the look of pants and a top. Finishing it off with a jacket will easily give you three layers to keep you warmer, but a fun and stylish outfit at the same time.   
2) Embrace Sweater Vests
Sweater vests are a trend for fall and winter so not only will you be trendy, but you can easily add a stylish layer to your outfit. A sweater vest that is layered on top of an oversized button-down is the perfect creative way to add layers. You can easily throw on a blazer and coat to add extra warmth if needed!
3) Add A Turtleneck
A turtleneck as your bottom layer is the perfect way to layer especially if it is quite cold outside. A turtleneck will function similarly to a thermal layer and then you can add additional layers on top. For a casual look, throw on a graphic tee and denim jacket. If you are wanting something dressier then you can even layer a dress on top of your turtleneck and finish the outfit with booties or heels.  
4) Layer Basics
An easy way to get creative and have fun with layering is to layer basics. Find your favorite white tee and throw it on with a great sweater on top. The more oversize the tee and sweater are then the more casual and laid back the look will be. You can then even throw a blazer on top and you will have three great layers for an effortless outfit. 
Getting creative with your layering will make dressing for cold weather fun and allow you to still put together a stylish outfit that feels exciting to wear versus just adding layer after layer. Cold weather fashion can be warm and still make you feel like you are ready to conquer your day!