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Colors You Need in Your Fall Wardrobe

By Sara Antonuccio
Every season’s wardrobe gets its own color palette to pay tribute to the changes we see out in nature and in our lives. Fall wardrobes are lucky enough to have endless options inspired by the arrival of autumn breezes, changing leaves, and this time of the year’s classics like pumpkin and apple cider. Take some cues from this season and make sure you include these classic colors in your fall wardrobe:
Clay Brown
No, not the football player. Earthy and warm, clay brown is a current favorite fall nude shade that complements the brighter colors of the season perfectly. In a pumpkin patch, jumping in a pile of leaves, or apple picking at a local orchard, you’ll match all the colors around you but still look sharp in this classic shade. 
Apple Red
Speaking of apple picking, rosy red apples inspired the next shade of the fall season. Apple red is equal parts seductive and cheerful; it has a vibracy that makes it ideal for date night, but on the right sweater it’s the kind of shade that’s ready to sit by the fire in a cozy cabin and take in a good book. It also works well with a multitude of skin tones.
Olive Green
Fall is the time for harvesting, but forget about your standard pumpkins and apples. Olives are ripe for picking this time of year too, adding an attractive touch of green to a season that’s usually defined by oranges and browns. Olive is a deeper shade that’s well suited to fall fashion; it looks great on sweaters and rainboots, and matches neutrals like brown, white, and black.
Silver Gray
Gray is an unusual addition to fall wardrobe colors, but it’s easy to see why this shade in particular is becoming more popular. Silver gray is more regal than muted gray, adding glitz and glam that’s largely missing from fall fashion. Think silver grey cardigans to go over a plain pair of jeans, silver pants to liven up a plain shirt, or even a long sleeve silver dress for evenings out on the town! When it’s done right, silver can be intriguing, not dull.
Indigo Blue
Goodbye blue skies? Not at all! The days may be darkening as the weather changes, but you can transition your color palette along with it. Bright blue turns to deep indigo, a truly royal shade that’s a stunning addition to a wardrobe no matter the season. With indigo blue, you can be as tame or as bold as you want; it all depends on how you wear it. 
Colors evoke moods and inspire our feelings, so what better way is there to greet autumn than by choosing a wardrobe palette that really makes it feel like the season has arrived?