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Cold Weather Inspired Nails

By Sara Antonuccio
Every season inspires new nail designs. Spring brings out bright and bubbly colors, summer is all about vacation-worthy looks, and fall and winter evoke thoughts of the holidays, cozy sweaters, and chilly weather. For some cold weather inspired nail designs, take a look at these: 
Cable Knit Sweater Pattern
Believe it or not, you don’t have to be a pro at nail art to pull off a cable knit sweater pattern! All you need is two coats of whatever color you want your “sweater” to be, a small design brush, and a reference for the pattern you want. Draw a few squiggly lines with some straight ones in between, and you have a sweater! If you don’t want to spend the time creating this design on all of your nails, pick one accent nail and leave the rest blank.
Light Blue with Snowflakes
When you think of cold weather, is snow the first thing that comes to mind? You’re in luck, because snowflakes happen to be a favorite seasonal design! To capture the feeling of a snowy morning, use a light blue base, then take a design brush and draw two long lines crossing, then two smaller lines crossing through the center of the longer lines. Next, add some small branching lines to all four, and you have a snowflake! You can get far more intricate, of course, depending on your skill level.
Grey and Sparkly
If snowflakes are a bit much for your less than steady hands, go simple and do a grey base coat on all of your nails, then add a sparkly top coat. You can make all your nails sparkle like freshly fallen snow, or pick one accent nail. If you’re a fan of bedazzling, get a few clear nail jewels and make a semicircle with them up near the cuticle for some added bling. 
Jeweled Maroon
Maroon and gold are elegant seasonal colors fit for winter days and holiday parties. Try a dark, matte maroon or burgundy for your base coat, then use either a gold polish to create designs, or get some gold nail jewels to create a royal look. You can also try to create a sweater design with the gold, find a glittery gold for your accent nail, or paint gold lines over the maroon to make your nails look like a fancy present!
What’s more wintry than a snowy landscape at night? Dark blue is your best choice for a base color, since it reflects the colors of a moonlit winter night. Next, get a very fine design brush and some white polish, and do light strokes and dots to create the appearance of a snowstorm. If you want to get really creative, use white to make a few snow-covered trees along with dots of falling snow. 
Nail art is such a fun way to express yourself! You can show off your favorite aspects of the season, or simply just to get seasonal. Get painting!