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Chill and Grill: Elevate Summer Recipes with Flavorful Coffee

By Laura Leiva
Whether you’re hosting the next barbecue or you’re looking for a refreshing treat, Don Francisco’s Coffee pairs wonderfully with every meal. It’s time to celebrate warmer weather, longer days, and create new memories with friends and family this season.

From sweet treats to savory grilling rubs, there are plenty of ways to incorporate delicious notes of roasted coffee into the menu! 

Incorporate coffee into your favorite summer recipes

Great meals start with flavorful ingredients. 

Using 100 percent Arabica beans, Don Francisco’s Coffee expertly roasts beans to bring out rich and balanced flavors, without any bitterness. 

This seasons, take your summer menu to the next level! Bold and flavorful notes of coffee complements any meal – whether it’s served as a refreshing beverage, part of a tasty barbecue rub, or an icy treat.  

Here are just a few simple ways to elevate summer recipes by adding coffee:

·       Coffee BBQ Rub – Rich and robust in taste, ground coffee serves as a delightful addition to any grilled protein. Combine your favorite coffee with sugar and smoky spice to create a savory rub – perfect for summer barbecues. 
·       Cold Brew Spritzer – Yummy and refreshing, a spritzer is an ideal treat to on a summer afternoon. Hints of lemon and rosemary pair with cold brew and tonic water to create a bubbly and rejuvenating drink. 
·       Cold Brew Popsicle – Summer is synonymous with ice cream! Whip up a creamy cold brew concoction to create these simple yet satisfying popsicles for yourself, friends, and family. 

As the weather heats up, shop all your favorite coffee flavors and cold brew to get ready for summer entertaining! Don’t miss upcoming recipes or special savings from Don Francisco’s Coffee – sign up and get all the latest news delivered straight to your inbox.