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Casual Date Night Outfit Inspo

By Sara Antonuccio
Fall dates can be some of the best. Meeting in a cozy coffee shop, strolling through the park under a shower of fall leaves, and having the perfect excuse to borrow their jacket (it is chilly, after all) make this the perfect season for meeting new people. For a casual fall date, try some of these outfit ideas:
Jeans and Heels
The simplest start to a date night outfit is a classic combo: a stellar pair of jeans and a great heel. Depending on the cut of the jeans, you can wear a multitude of heel styles. Skinny jeans pair well with pointed toe heels, while platform shoes and flared legs are inseparable friends. Once you have these two pieces settled, a flattering blouse or sweater will round out your look.
Jeans and a Long Sleeve Shirt + A Statement Jacket
There’s nothing wrong with a basic base outfit if you add something with a little pizzazz. Jeans factor into this outfit once again simply because they’re so comfortable and versatile, and long sleeve shirts can appear a touch dressier than plain t-shirts. But what really makes this look shine is a statement jacket or coat. A bold pattern, flashy accents, or unique length (such as cropped or ankle length) are all standout features that define a statement piece. 
Sweater Dress with Boots
Who doesn’t love sweater dresses? The perfect blend of cozy and stylish, they’re great for date night and can easily toe the line between casual and dressy depending on how you accessorize. Length also matters when you’re choosing footwear. For knee-length sweater dresses, grab a pair of ankle boots with a little heel. Anything longer or shorter looks best with tall boots, knee high or higher. 
Skirt and Sweater Combo
The possibilities are endless when it comes to putting together an outfit with a skirt and a sweater. You can mix up the style of the sweater and the length of the skirt in endless combinations to create entirely new looks. Some date night ideas include a tweed mini skirt with a turtleneck sweater, or a flowy ankle length skirt with a loose cable knit sweater tucked in. 
Casual T-shirt with a Tailored Blazer
The humble blazer, so often thought of as workwear, fits right in on a casual date night when paired with a plain or graphic tee. Roll up the sleeves a bit and be sure to wear it unbuttoned to keep your look laid back, and opt for flats or even high tops if you still feel a little too formal. Jeans can make another appearance here, or you can even choose a fun skirt to wear.
Casual date night done right means choosing comfort, adding something unexpected, and most of all feeling confident in whatever you put on!