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Bucket Hats, Beanies, and Berets – Oh My! Tips for Adding a Trendy Hat to Your Outfit

By Laura Leiva
Hats are cute – but they’re hard to style! Not anymore, thanks to these simple tips. Whether you want to throw on a beanie or want to venture out with a chic beret, here’s how to add this accessory to any look:

·       Look for neutral colors: Whether you want a beret, beanie, or a bucket hat, neutral colors offer the most versatility and pair well with anything in your wardrobe. Match the hat to either something in the outfit, or choose a complementary color that goes with the hat. 
·       Wear hair down: Unless you prefer to wear braids, keeping hair down is the best option when pairing it with a hat. 
·       Keep material in mind: Since hats are more for keeping warm during cold weather, look for hats that feature felt or wool. Berets and bucket hats will come in various thicker materials, while beanies are typically that classic knit. 
·       Monochromatic look: For a simple and chic winter style, consider monochromatic looks of black, grey, or brown. Picking a hat or two in these colors will give you plenty of choices throughout the season. 
·       Have fun: Hats are fun, which means you can wear it anytime or anywhere you feel comfortable. Whether you choose a cashmere bucket hat for a day on the slopes or you love a cute beanie with a furry pom, you’ve got options!

Hats are useful in winter, but they’re also an accessory you can play around with to add personality to your look. For classic looks, opt for a beret or chic bucket hat!