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Bring Spring into Your Home

By Laura Leiva
Spring is truly such a lovely season – so why not bring some of that natural beauty into the home? No matter what your budget, there’s always something bright and cheery you can add to your space to give the perfect seasonal refresh.  

·       Add some fresh flowers. Next time you’re at the grocery store, pick up a bright bouquet of flowers and add them to a room in your house. From an entryway or kitchen to a bedroom or even bathroom, fresh flowers add an instant pop of color to any space. 
·       Swap out throw pillows. Want to maximize a budget for year-round decorating? Pick up a few new throw pillows in bright or patterned fabric to use for springtime. Once a new season rolls around, store them until the next use! Swapping out décor is an easy way to transform the look of an entire room. 
·       Lighten up textiles. From the sheets on the bed to a throw blanket on the couch, spring weather calls for lighter textiles and fabrics. Look to a neutral palette with pops of color to keep the home looking zen and spacious. 
·       Change candle fragrances. One way to get into a springtime frame of mind is to switch out candle scents. Options to consider are light florals or go more neutral with scents of rain, linen or even fresh lemon. 

Spring is the perfect opportunity to freshen things up and infuse new life into your beautiful space!