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Back to School Trends We Love

By Kelsey Hokit
The summer months are coming to end quickly, and it is almost time for school to start back up. Let us help take the guesswork out of finding the perfect additions to your wardrobe and help you get back to school with these trends we love! 
1. Athleisure
Athleisure is still on trend and continues to be one of the most popular styles to wear, especially for back-to-school. Regardless of whether you have a child in elementary school, are in high school, or even in college, you can create a great athleisure look with leggings, a cropped sweatshirt, and your favorite sneakers!
2. Oversized Sweatshirt
Oversized clothing has been a big trend in recent years and is now carrying over into back-to-school. A graphic oversized sweatshirt is a perfect addition to any closet. It can be paired with leggings or even bike shorts for a cute and casual outfit. You will also be extremely comfortable! 
3. Tie-Dye
Tie-dye has made a comeback and is more popular than ever! Whether it is a tie-dye tee or a colorful tie-dye sweatshirt, it is sure to make everyone jealous! Pair your tie-dye with a solid color, whether that is your favorite brand of jeans or a pair of comfortable leggings and you will have a great outfit to wear every week! 
4. Matching Set
Matching sets are the perfect back-to-school trend for any occasion. The matching set can be an athleisure outfit, a great pair of pants and a blazer that you might need for a presentation or a casual matching set of shorts and a button-up. You can finish the look with your favorite jewelry and you will be set! 
5. Platform Sneakers
Casual looks are the go-to look at the moment and there is no better way to complete a casual outfit than with a great pair of platform sneakers. If you want a pair that can be worn with anything you can go with a pair of white sneakers or if you want a pop of color, pick something bright! Sneakers can be worn with anything from denim, to trousers, to even a dress or skirt! 
We hope these back-to-school trends will inspire you to put together some fun outfits, whether it is for you or your child! Long days at school can always be made better with a great outfit!