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5 Ways to Wear Your Favorite Scarf

By Laura Leiva
Love the idea of wearing a scarf with your fall outfit, but not sure how to wear one? Here are five ways you can easily add a scarf to a look in just minutes:


For newbies, this is a great option. All you have to do is wrap a scarf around the neck and let it hang!

Belted Drape

Take the basic look to the next level with a simple belt! Let the scarf hang equally down your neck and secure a skinny belt around your waist and over the ends to secure in place. 

Front Tie

Simple and perfect for soft knitted or cashmere scarves, the front tie is super simple and adds extra style to even the most basic look. To do this, drape the scarf around the neck and then cross to tie – fluff out the material for some extra volume. 

Tucked In Loop

For those crisp, cool mornings a tucked-in loop might be best. To do this, drape the scarf around the neck unevenly (one side should fall longer down the chest than the other) and then take the long loop around the neck two or three times. Tuck in the loose ends under the looped scarf and voila! 

Loop Through

Get a chic look without any of the work. To create this classic scarf style, fold the scarf in half (longer scarves work best here) and then drape it around the back of your neck. Take both loose ends of the scarf and feed them through the looped portion, then pull to secure. 

Wearing a scarf is easier than most people think – plus it adds an instant pop of color or texture to a fall outfit. Try it and see which one you like best!