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5 Warm Weather Looks to Recreate Today

By Kelsey Hokit
Recreating looks is one of the most fun ways to stay inspired with your wardrobe. We all see celebrities with incredible looks every season and want to do something similar. Today we are rounding up the top five warm weather looks that you will be dying to recreate!
1.    Midi Skirt, Tank, and Sneakers
For the girl that wants a look that is more edgy and casual, this look is perfect. A great midi skirt in any color will work for this, but if you want something unique, a great leather midi skirt is a fun addition to your wardrobe. You can throw on a tank and sneakers to get your final look.
2.    Colorful Matching Set
Color is the name of the game for a warm weather wardrobe. In recent years, matching sets have become trendy and make for a stylish outfit for any season. A great way to create a matching set outfit is to find something with color. A bright pink or a beautiful blue will stand out and make heads turn. You can add heels to the look for a great dinner or drinks outfit.
3.    Wide-Leg Trousers and Top
Wide-leg trousers have taken off in the fashion industry and are seen all over the world. Wide-leg trousers make a perfect warm weather outfit. Whether you stick with a black pair and add a colorful top or choose a patterned pair and pair it with a simple top, this is a fun outfit for the season. This outfit can be finished off with sneakers, loafers, or even heels depending on the occasion.
4.    Cropped Trousers and White Button Up
This outfit is a classic and will never go out of style. Find a pair of great trousers that are ankle length and a white button-up and you have a look that will go from errands to lunch and is even perfect for vacation. Add a vintage-style belt and a pair of sandals and the look is complete.
5.    Maxi Dress
Maxi dresses have been in style for years and they continue to be trendy. The best part about a maxi dress is you can always add a cardigan or leather jacket to change the style of the look. Pick a maxi dress that fits your unique style whether that is a solid color or pattern, and you can pair it with sneakers for a very street-style look or with sandals for dinner or vacation. 
These looks have been seen time and time again on streets across the world as well as at fashion week. You can easily recreate any of these and have the perfect outfit inspiration for the season.